At the Red Mountain Weight Loss® location in McKinney, Texas, men and women alike are reaching their goals with the help of our expert medical staff, highly successful programs and carefully selected services.

As a leading medical weight loss center, every patient is under the care of a Bariatric Physician, a medical doctor who has completed special training and received certification in weight loss and weight-related issues. Assisting our doctors is a full medically trained staff, ensuring that you receive the expert advice and continued support throughout your weight loss journey. Our medical providers have the ability to offer patients leading weight loss medications, such as our patented RM3® medication, which helps patients lose up to 20 pounds or more per month, as well as appetite suppressants and medical-grade supplements which aid in one’s ability to resist cravings, promote weight loss, reduce stress and more.

You may be looking to lose weight as a way to protect your health, or maybe you have decided that it is time to shed that stubborn weight once and for all. No matter the motivation, there is a program to fit your goal and your unique lifestyle at Red Mountain Weight Loss®.

Your goals are waiting to be achieved at Red Mountain Weight Loss® in McKinney.


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