Beautiful family portrait smiling and having fun outdoors

When March rolls around, public schools will let out their students for the Spring Break. If you’re looking for a way to spend the week stress free on a low budget. McKinney Texas, is filled with family-friendly activities that will surely make your family spring break memorable.

A hundred of miles of coastline will surely be enough to avoid college students who are also on Spring Break. They are a rowdy crowd and sometimes their behaviour can be inappropriate around your youngsters. You can always spot an isolated island where your kids can enjoy the sun, sea and sand without you worrying about the college Spring Break crowd.

Although theme parks operate by season, they are surely open during Spring Break. They are up and running earlier than usual! The warm weather is a perfect time to wear shorts as it is also cool enough so you won’t feel sticky as you wait in line for all the rides and shows that the theme parks can offer. If you want the feel of a theme park and the coolness of the beach then you can always get wet at a Water park. They are also open all week long for the Spring Break but unlike theme parks, you might need to bring extra clothes in water parks as you will be experiencing cool and thrilling water rides. The fun and excitement will be worth all the wet clothes in the end! Aside from these parks, you can also visit the zoo, especially for kids who are fond of animals. A visit to the zoo can do a lot of wonders for them.

Spring break’s weather is also great for hiking. Hiking is a perfect way to for your family to participate in a healthy outdoor activity. Just make sure to prepare all the gears for your little ones and choose trails that are accessible for them. Aside from its health benefit, hiking can be a good opportunity to teach your children a little bit about history and science. Make sure to point out to them any historical spots you pass by and allow them time to explore the diversity of nature as you walk along the trail.

Lastly, you can go camping by the lake side. With spring’s moderate weather it is the perfect time to bring your family camping and let them experience the simplicity of life away from the hustle and bustle of technology and the pressure of their school activities. The outdoors is where most kids would want to be, they love the freedom that it brings. You can read them stories and sing songs, all under the light of the stars at night.

Spring Break may often be associated college students’ endless partying during their week-long break from spring semester studies. But with all these fun activities it can be a fun vacation time for you and your school-age kids. These places will give your family quality time without being bothered by all the noise of the college crowed.  Start planning these family-oriented Spring Breaks activity now!