21382450143_07009b98c0_bThere are a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy in McKinney. These four outdoor activities are particularly fun when done with your family:

Jogging or Biking

McKinney has a lot of trails and green spaces excellent for jogging and biking. The Rowlett Creek Park is particularly a great spot to go biking with your family. The 20-acre park has a 12-foot-wide hike and bike trail. It is conveniently located along a wooded creek corridor with playground, swings, pavilion and shared parking. Other places you can visit to go biking or jogging are the Craig Ranch and The Settlement. Jogging and Biking will not only satisfy your family’s craving for the outdoor, it will also keep all of you fit and healthy.

Getting Dirty

Part of exploring the outdoors is to get your hands dirty. Your children will surely love some exciting hunt for a four-leaf clover or plant some plants in your garden. And when it rains, jump in rain puddles for a refreshing family bonding.


Fishing is getting quite popular in McKinney. You can bring your family to go fishing, even if you’re just a beginner. In a cool weather most fishes, like the bass will stay on a lake’s shallow portion. Rock Lake is a good place to go, but if you’d like to catch larger fishes, you and your family can head to Lake Ray Hubbard instead. For a place where a variety of fishes are available from bluegills to stripers, you can go to Lake Lewisville. In Lake Grapevine, you’ll be able to catch different sizes of catfishes. Although private lakes are available, the above mentioned are easier to access for you and your family.

Eating outside the yard

To be one with the outdoors, you can have picnics in your backyard and enjoy grilling your catch from your fishing trips. You can also bring your kids berry picking in Denton Country.